The Ecumenical Student Housing Association
The object of the Association

The object of the Association is the instigation and maintenance of ecumenical student houses with the aim to encourage German and foreign students to live together in house sharing communities. Thereby, contributing and furthering international understanding.

It is a non profit organisation charging rents at cost price.

All confessions are welcome.

You can help the Ecumenical Student Housing Association to achieve its goal in contributing towards international understanding with a donation:

Bank: Evangelische Darlehensgenossenschaft Kiel
Bank code :210 602 37
Account number: 67814

Board of Directors


From left to right:
Chairman: Reiner Plorin, Judge, retired
Substitute: Jürgen Hohnke, former Sales Manager
Treasurer: Emanuel Bertling, qualified Bank Clerk
Member: Marieluise Weinmann, Teacher
Member: Klaus Pietsch, Teacher, retired
Member: Peter Betker, Fiscal and Financial Expert

The Board of Directors meet regularly to discuss and pass orders on both running and future projects. The Board of Directors work on an honorary voluntary basis.

Background of the Association

The Ecumenical Student Housing Association was founded in 1957. It was born out of the initiative of Carl Malsch, who was a student pastor at the time, and dedicated members of the protestant university community. His aim was to alleviate the housing problems of foreign students by furthering flat sharing communities where both German and foreign students live together. Therefore, from the outset of the Association half of the students housed have always been from foreign countries.

Pastor Carl Malsch

It began 1957 with an old ammunition factory in Großborstel which the city of Hamburg presented to Pastor Carl Malsch at his disposal. In 1958 the protestant State Church bequeathed the Association an old villa in Othmarscher Kirchenweg. Eleven students moved in. However, it was soon enlarged; the last addition being the “new block” with five community shared flats in 1997. Today there are 89 students in all, living in Carl-Malsch-Haus.

The Überseekolleg was opened in 1964 in Alsterdorf, it was extended in 1966 so that today 102 students are living there.
In the first years, preparation courses on “Serving Overseas” were held for university graduates.

Further informationen about Pastor Carl Malsch (in German).