The Überseekolleg

The Überseekolleg is situated in the northern part of the city, just four kilometres away from the airport. Fifty percent of the 102 students living there are from Germany , the other fifty percent are from other countries.
The college is comprised of three houses midst green lawns. The rooms are separate but there are shared amenities on each floor.

living area on a corridor a room living area on another corridor
  panorama view

a corridor a kitchen a corridor


The rent, including all costs and internet (W-Lan), ranges according to size from 210 € to 275 € for a furnished room.
Guestcontract +30 €.
There are existing telephone- installations in each room but applicants need to personally contact the telephone company for connection.
The bus 179 which stops directly in front of the college commutes to the university in 25 minutes.
With the it takes only 3 Minutes to the airport.
There is an extra room where cycles can be locked away
All the necessary machines for washing and drying laundry are available, plus two extra rooms solely for drying purposes
Down one floor is a sports and fitness room fully equipped with machines
Outside on the spacious lawn is a covered barbecue...
... and a volleyball court.
The party cellar, is where parties and examination festivities are held.
Hang out or chill out in the television room.
Adjacent to this room is the billiard
...and table tennis room.
The television room is also used for film viewings.
There is a music studio furnished with a piano where music students can practice

Our library is the ideal place to prepare for exams.

The Alster flows directly behind the house. Ideally you can jog along its bank
,,, or go canoeing.
Moreover, there is a swimming bath and an open air pool in the vicinity just a few minutes away.
The House Union/Commitee   (Die Heimselbstverwaltung)
The House Union/Commitee is voted in by all the residents at an official house meeting. The House Union/Committee represents the interest of the residents when dealing with the managing committee and directors of the college. Furthermore it should organise all entertainment such as the summer party and Christmas festivities. Also participation in the traditional Martins market, a Charity bazaar of the Lutheran Community, should be planned and enacted by the House Union and a Tutor. A part of the Charity proceeds will be handed over to the House Union Treasury for community projects.

The Tutor is the contact person for all residents. He advises and helps new arrivals, organises independent events such as regular film viewings as well as get together evenings to break the ice and further intercultural communication.
Tornike Jangirashvili


Alsterdorfer Str. 495-499
D 22337 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 / 50 41 66
Fax: 040 / 41 260 527 

The Vicinity: The Alster flows directly behind the house. Ideally you can jog along its bank.