The Carl-Malsch-Haus

CARL-MALSCH-HAUS houses 89 students from Germany and all over the world. It is near to Ottensen, a very popular and frequented area in the western part of Hamburg, a few minutes away from the Elbe and a thirty minute commute to the university.

The rooms of various sizes spread over three houses generate a flat sharing community on each floor.

a common room a kitchen another common room
panorama view  panorama view  panorama view 

a corridor a room another corridor
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The rent, including all costs and internet (W-Lan), ranges according to size from 210 € to 270 € for a furnished room. Guestcontract +30 €.
There are existing telephone- installations in each room but applicants need to personally contact the telephone company for connection.
The bus 15 commutes to the university in 25 minutes -
or bus + S-Bahn in only 16 minutes.
Cycles can be left in a covered cycle stand
All the necessary machines for washing and drying laundry are available, plus one extra room solely for drying purposes
In warm weather you can barbecue outside.
For those who wish to keep fit there is a sports room fully equipped with machines
...and table tennis amenities.
There is a studio for music students.

Two common rooms with televisions are there for relaxation.
.... and a football machine!
Study groups can meet up and have prep studies in the two common rooms
An ideal outdoor activity is to jog along the bank of the nearby Elbe
... or just observe the different ships
Our house bar crew invite and welcome everyone to regular get together
The House Union/Commitee (Die Heimselbstverwaltung)
The House Union/Commitee is voted in by all the residents at an official house meeting. The House Union represents the interest of the residents when dealing with the managing committee and directors of the college. Furthermore it should organise all internal activities such as the summer party and Christmas party as well as sport teams’ i.e. the football team.

Second in line to the internal administration are the Tutors, who are also spokesmen and contact persons for all residents. They advise and help new arrivals, organise independent events such as informative film viewings about specific countries etc.



Othmarscher Kirchenweg 103a – 105
D 22763 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 / 880 29 73
Fax: 040 / 28 41 98 50


The Vicinity: The bank of the river Elbe- ideal area to jog along.